One in six couples suffer from infertility

It’s not just their fight. It’s ours.

Our mission is to keep our members, health professionals and couples who struggle with infertility up-to-date with the latest information and research.
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There is a drop in the Australian fertility rate. It is now 1.6. In order to just maintain the general population level in Australia, the fertility rate should sit around 2
Prof Luk Rombauts, president Fertility Society of Australia and new Zealand

Maintaining birth rates in Australia

"With the pandemic predicted to reduce population growth from immigration, it makes sense to have a renewed appreciation for the contribution of fertility treatment in this context."
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Are you considering fertility treatment?

Understanding infertility and getting to know your options

One in six couples in Australia and New Zealand suffer infertility.

Many couples suffering infertility problems can be successfully treated with medical or surgical techniques, or lifestyle changes.

This section informs you about the options, costs involved, government policies and more.

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The Fertility Society of Australia and New Zealand is a membership organisation. Our members are fertility specialists, gynaecologists with a special interest in fertility, embryologists, fertility nurses, geneticists, fertility counsellors and endocrinologists. Become a member today!

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What is SIRT

Scientists in Reproductive Technologies (SIRT) is a professional group representing the scientific membership of The Fertility Society of Australia. As such it is bound by the constitution of The Fertility Society of Australia.


In addition to the objectives of The Fertility Society of Australia, SIRT’s role is to promote the education and training of scientists working in reproductive technologies and to promote high standards within the profession, in particular through the promotion of research and dissemination of scientific information within the membership.


Membership is only open to persons who qualify and who are current financial member of FSA. The SIRT Committee has the right to refuse membership to persons to do not uphold the aims of SIRT. Membership is ratified by the SIRT Committee at the next SIRT Committee meeting following receipt of the application. Membership is based on a calendar year with membership expiring 31st December each year.

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Meet the Fertility Society of Australia’s board members.
Board members
Petra Wale
Dr Iolanda Rodino
Dr Anne Clark
Prof Luk Rombauts
Maree Pickens
Dr Christos Venetis
Prof Beverly Vollenhoven
Ms Pam Maddock
Dr Sally Catt
Hamish Barblett
Dr Simon McDowell
Dr Clare Boothroyd
Narelle Dickinson
Dr Anne Clark
Prof Anusch Yazdani

Our board

Meet the Fertility Society of Australia and New Zealand’s board members.
Board members
Dr Simon McDowell
Mr Doug Yek
Dr Anne ClarkDr Manuela ToledoHamish Barblett
Dr Petra WaleMr Stephen PageDr Yanhe LuiDr Kiri Beilby
Dr Iolanda Rodino
Dr Michele Kwik
Jan Mackenzie
Dr Alison GeeDr Sally Catt