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IVF Directors

The IVF Directors group was founded in 1989 to assist Directors of IVF units in ensuring sustainable provision of assisted reproductive services in Australia and New Zealand. In addition to the objectives of the Fertility Society of Australia the roles of the IVF Directors group are:.

  • Maintenence and improvement of high quality Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) service
    provision by maximising success rates and ensuring appropriate consumer support.
  • Representing ART units and their patients to appropriate authorities on issues related to reproductive technologies such as:
    • Funding
    • Consumer access
    • Legislation
  • Contributing to the Reproductive Technologies Accreditation Committee (RTAC) Code of Practice.
  • Advising the FSA Board on relevant clinical matters.
  • Addressing clinical, ethical and competitive issues related to ART
  • Setting the annual accreditation fee that ART units pay to the FSA.
  • Contributing to matters such as data collection and audit of ART.
  • Advise ART units on the impact of legislative and funding changes.
  • Advising the FSA Board on media and publicity issues relating to the good standing of ART in
    Australia and New Zealand