Fertility Nurses of Australasia (FNA) offers support to nurses working in the field of infertility enabling them to network with their peers and gain access to education.

FNA History

The first Australian IVF program was set up in 1971 in Melbourne by Carl Wood, John Leeton, Alan Trounson and others who were supported by a team of nurses whose additional roles were managing donor sperm programs and assisting with early research studies.

The 80’s saw great progress with the birth of the first Australian IVF baby in 1980, and the formation of the FSA with the first annual meeting in 1982, yet there was still little formal communication or networking between ART nurses.

In 1990, the “Nurses Special Interest Group” (NSIG) was created and had their inaugural meeting at the FSA conference in Perth. This committee, comprised of a representative from each state with Heather Denholm as Chairperson, offered support to assist ART nurses to attend conferences and other educational activities, and to engage in research.

In 1997, a vote was taken at the NSIG nurses workshop to formalize the name to ‘Fertility Nurses of Australasia” (FNA).

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FNA Policy and Procedures

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FNA Membership

Benefits of FNA Membership

FNA Membership Fees

  • Membership costs $55 per annum.

  • To join the FSA and FNA simply complete an application using the Online Membership Form
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Mission & Goals

To promote and consolidate fertility nurse education throughout Australia and New Zealand and provide one Continuing Professional Development (CPD) point per hour of registration as required by the National Nurses and Midwives Board of Australia.
To promote networking, communication and cohesiveness between nurses working in reproductive health at a local, national and international level.
To support nursing based research and encourage nurses to present at local meetings, national and international conferences.
Providing subsidised return airfare for the FNA Committee to attend the executive meetings at the Mid-year Workshop and annual FSA Scientific Meeting.
Organising and hosting nurses’ workshops at FSA and Mid-year meetings.

Committee Members

Margie Perry - Chairperson, QLD Representative

Margie Parry

Chairperson | QLD Representative

Margie Parry is an experienced registered nurse with extensive clinical experience in caring for children in Brisbane and the regional hospitals of Queensland. She has travelled the IVF journey herself, and has beautiful twin boys as a result.

Margie is committed to providing a holistic experience for all her clients.

Margie has been a Queensland FNA rep since 2012 and is currently the FNA Chair.

Linda Robinson

RTAC representative
Linda Robinson -  Secretary | NSW Representative

I have worked in Westmead Fertility Centre for many years, currently I am in the position of Nurse Manager. I have always been interested in my own education, and would like to encourage others as I near my retiring years. We can only help our patients when we keep up to date ourselves; as well we need to maintain our professional standards to maintain our relevancy.
Ms Jan Mackenzie

Ms Jan Mackenzie

FNA Representative to the FSA Board of Directors

My life in IVF land started in 1991, at Concept Fertility in Perth. I had a 3 day orientation!! And after 6 weeks worked Easter by myself. Needless to say I had an enormously steep learning curve. Hopefully I did not contribute to the woeful success rates in those days. (they were about 10% across the board).

I accepted the FNA representative position, back then “The NSIG”, in illustrious company with Heather Denholm , Heather Pollock etc. These women were brave, visionary, and formed the framework of the wonderful FNA that we have today.

Life caused me to move to Sydney and continue as a nurse co-ordinator. In 2008 I became the NUM and in 2009 resumed FNA activity. My FNA roles have included State Rep, Secretary, Chair Elect, Chair, Post Chair and now the representative to the Board.

I have often felt overwhelmed that I have been put forward for such roles, but I would give a clear message to anyone taking on a role in FNA, BE BRAVE!!! The rewards are terrific. The networking and professional friendships take you to different places in geography and experience.

My interests include gym 6 days a week, cycling on the weekends, keeping up with my local female friends…. That might involve a few wines!

On a personal note, my life is rich with my long suffering husband, (he is so understanding and good to me, and my personal chef!) 3 sons, a gorgeous DIL, a granddaughter and a wealth of friends.

Maddy Towns

QLD Representative
Maddy Towns

Maddy has over ten years of experience in both clinical and non-clinical settings within the Fertility Industry. Beginning in administration and transitioning into Nursing then progressing to Nurse Manager. She holds a Master's degree in Reproductive Medicine as well as a Master's degree in Business Administration. She is currently the Clinic and Nurse Manager at Monash IVF Gold Coast, where she is responsible for optimising clinical organisation processes and performance while also ensuring improved patient outcomes.

Bronwyn Portman - SA Representative

Helen Newman

SA Representative

I did my nurse and midwife training in the UK and have worked mostly in Womens Health. I emigrated to Australia in 2005 and was asked to cover for long service leave at Flinders Fertility in 2008 for a few weeks and never looked back!

I enjoy walking my dog and cycling in the Adelaide Hills.

I am looking forward to my role as FNA Rep.

Tenille Dartnell

WA Representative
Tenille Dartnell

More information coming soon

Sarah Stephens - ACT Representative | Website & Newsletter

Sarah Stephens

Treasurer | ACT Representative

I started my nursing career in 1998 in a small country hospital in north west NSW and I began working in fertility 6 years ago when we moved to Canberra due to my husband having a midlife crisis – he decided to leave his job and study medicine!!

I really enjoy working in this area of nursing. I have three children who keep me very occupied outside of work.

Carole Tilbrook

SA Representative
Carole Tilbrook - SA Representative

Bernadette McEwan - NZ Representative

Bernadette McEwan

NZ Representative

I Registered as a Comprehensive Nurse and started my Nursing Career in 1987 working in Womens Health.

I have been a Fertility Nurse for 13 years. Most of this has been in Auckland. I have also had 2.5 years of valuable experience in Brisbane.

Fertility Nurse Education is paramount. I want to help facilitate educational opportunities for New Zealand Fertility Nurses and Collegiality with our Australian Colleagues.

My priority out of work is Family. My favourite activities are going for long walks, jogging and going to music concerts.

Samantha Costa

Secretary | QLD Representative
Samantha Costa

Naomi Peacock

Naomi Peacock

NZ Representative

Naomi is a Nursing Team Leader at Fertility Associates in Auckland, New Zealand.

Experienced, caring and innovative, Naomi manages a team of fertility nurses to provide expert, personalised patient care. Naomi has been a registered nurse for 35 years and has worked in women's health and fertility for the last 15 years both in NZ and the UK.

She holds qualifications in women's health, counselling and operating theatre nursing. Naomi joined Fertility Associates in 2012.

Katie Palmer

NZ Representative
Katie Palmer