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FNA Website

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New FNA Website and Logo

The new FNA Website can be found at the link below:


  • The website lists upcoming educational events state by state including New Zealand.
  • Fertility nurses can access current research being undertaken by peers and also notify others of their own research.
  • The FNA newsletter is now in territory format.
  • Membership forms and Professional development forms can be accessed.
  • The front page also instructs you on how to put this app on your smart phone!
  • Recognition of sponsors to the FNA via sponsors page.

The website is continually under development at this time and any feedback is appreciated via your FNA representative.

The Fertility Nurses of Australasia logo has been designed to reflect a professional yet simple visual symbol reflecting strength in both its membership and the role it has played in promoting and developing the status of ART nurses in Australia and New Zealand.

The FNA logo was designed in 2015 by Andrew Williams of AWVS.