REproduction And Collaborative Trials in Australia and New Zealand
“supporting clinical research networks in fertility”

What is REACT-ANZ?

We are a network of clinical researchers across fertility clinics and research departments in Australia and New Zealand. We are seeking to improve the clinical research in infertility in Australia and New Zealand by working together on study designs and to increase recruitment into clinical studies.

Who is involved in REACT-ANZ?

Our Steering Group includes:

Neil Johnson (Chairperson of the Steering Group of REACT-ANZ)
Clare Boothroyd
Michael Costello
Cindy Farquhar
Roger Hart
James Moir-Shepherd
Luk Rombauts
Martyn Stafford Bell
Kelton Tremellen

Endorsement of the REACT-ANZ group by Professor Rob Norman

The study of human reproduction is an amazing journey into the remarkable complexity of the gene, the cell, the organ and the person. Considering that it takes two people to produce a child and infertility treatment introduces a large number of other medical and scientific assistance, it is not surprising that much of what we do is based on tradition, rather than evidence based knowledge. Increasingly we are recognising that the environment around us and our personal habits, including pesticides, smoking, alcohol, weight, stress, caffeine and many other substances impact significantly on the way that human reproduction succeeds or fails. Tradition will not allow us to prove what is important and what is not and the REACT-ANZ group has been set up by Australian and New Zealand clinicians and scientists to ask the questions and answer them in a way that is based on definite evidence and testable hypotheses. Doing well planned randomised controlled trials is extremely expensive and demands a high degree of integrity and attention to detail. It is much easier to use the traditional authoritarian and individual expert based approach but in the end our patients do not benefit. I wish to commend the efforts of this group who are following the narrow road that is extremely difficult and bumpy but is the only one that will ultimately come to the truth, that will allow us to treat patients with gynaecological and infertility conditions in a way that will ultimately benefit them, their partners and their children. REACT-ANZ members are enthusiastic, committed to doing things the right way and deserve the support of the medical and non-medical community to the utmost.

R J Norman
Professor, Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Director, Research Centre for Reproductive Health
University of Adelaide
South Australia