For ART and donor insemination cycles commencing 1 January 2020 a modified set of data items will need to be collected by clinics for submission to ANZARD.  The new version of the Data Dictionary is ANZARD 3.0 and was developed in consultation with a number of clinics and endorsed by the FSA Board and IVF Directors in 2018. It is also currently being fully piloted by a number of sites. ANZARD 3.0 will accommodate same sex and single intending parents, collect better prognostic and diagnostic information, and collect more detailed information on PGT and cryopreservation. The definition of different ART cycle types has also been refined to remove the ambiguity that currently exists.

Please see below links to the ANZARD 3.0 Data Dictionary outlined in both long and short form.

ANZARD 3.0 Data Dictionary (Long Form)

ANZARD 3.0_Data Dictionary (Short Form)