Australia’s first IVF baby turns 40

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candice thum first ivf patient australia

In June 1980, Candice Thum (nee Reed) was born as Australia’s first IVF baby and the third in the world.

Since then, more than 200,000 Australians have been born from assisted conception, the equivalent of one child in every classroom across the country, while the global population of IVF individuals now exceeds 7.5 million

Over the past four decades, Australia has been at the forefront of global advances in assisted reproductive technologies bringing immense joy into the lives of so many families.

Candice, along with ACCESS Australia – the national infertility support organisation – and the Fertility Society of Australia, are proud to present a short video celebrating 40 years of IVF in this country and promoting fertility health education and awareness.

Candice Thum celebrates her 40th birthday. She is Asutralia’s first IVF baby and the third in the world