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Mission & Goals

Mission Statement

ANZICA strives to promote a high standard of counselling for individuals affected by infertility issues. In doing so ANZICA counsellors strive to support and benefit those individuals with whom they work, including the welfare and best interests of any potential unborn child.

Our Objectives

ANZICA has several primary roles:

  • Provide a structure to promote the particular interests of infertility counsellors;
  • Promote the recognition and understanding of counselling and the counseling process in the context of infertility;
  • Promote education and training of counsellors in the area of infertility;
  • Undertake research leading to an understanding of the counselling needs of infertile people and improve the effectiveness of counselling services for members;
  • Provide ethical guidance to its members;
  • Maintain a regular newsletter;
  • Be a consultative group on issues pertaining to infertility; and
  • Actively cooperate with organizations with allied aims and objectives.